1. Conduct market research about marketing trends, competitor analysis, user insight to explore user growth marketing opportunities, approach and models;
2. Proficient in various marketing practice, like content & influencer marketing, digital paid media, integrated marketing, capable of devising user growth strategy, approach and plan in line with business plan & objective with integration of in-app content, product feature & user activity in marketing initiatives;
3. Exploration and trials on diversified user growth channels & partners & model; Independent project management including planning, execution, data monitoring & analysis and project review & ROI evaluation.
4. Work closely with ops, product, design team to devise product mechanism & feature and plan integrated marketing campaign accordingly to drive user growth.
1. Bachelor’s degree is required, MKT related education background.
2. Minimum 5 years of marketing experience covering social marketing, content marketing, user growth marketing, product marketing; preferably with relevant experience in Internet companies, internet app;
3. Sharp understanding about consumer insights, social media, social content, Internet industry;
4. Logical thinking process, self-motivating, fast learner; Objective & Result driven, good data & analysis skill;